Limited Series Riso print "Immunity Men"

Limited Series Riso print "Immunity Men"


"Immunity Men" is a limited series risograph print.

Only 40 have been printed. All prints are numbered and signed.


Size A3 folded to A5 


This collage is launched as part of the film DE-CLASSIFIED FILES. 

It is a more accessible product and offers some insight into the research and development process of SASKIA. 


Printed on the back is a ROADMAP to the brands values, including some key quotes that we live by.


A riso print is a layered printing process, for each colour printed one has to develop a different master print. This layered and hand-made printing technique goes hand in hand with this collage that consists of different layers of research.  


50% of the proceeding will go towards the Helen Bamber Foundation, a pioneering human rights charity. find out more: